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If you want to transfer your prescriptions to one of the Right Way Drug locations, feel free to call us any time! If you find it easier, you can use the form below. 

Transfer Form

Please complete all of the fields below. We will contact the pharmacy and transfer the desired prescriptions. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call one of our team members for help. We may need to contact you if we run into problems. Please use your best contact methods. 

Can we use this email to send refill reminders?
Preferred Contact Method
Pharmacy Information
Select what needs to be transferred

Terms and Conditions:

Right Way Drug offers no guarantee that medications are transferable from one pharmacy to another. By clicking the agree button, you agree that it is not Right Way Drug's sole responsibility to obtain, fill, and dispense any medications. You agree that in-person, phone, or mobile app communication may be needed to ensure medications are transferred. This form is used to begin the process but does not guarantee completion. Right Way Drug reserves the right to refuse to fill any prescription based on professional opinion or clinical rationale. 

Thank you for choosing Right Way Drug! Your form has been successfully submitted!

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